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This is a blog that goes through all things good, bad, happy, and sad with dog ownership. I go through my very own experiences with my dogs so I can help others with their own dogs (or even those deciding on whether they want their own pooch or not!).

About Me

Hello! My name is Michelle. I am a blogger, an editor, and best of all, a dog mom. I am not young, but I am not old. I have a lot of experience with dogs, but it's never enough by my standard because I learn more and more each day. I am a huge animal enthusiast and concentrate my efforts on natural treatments within reason.

How I work

I am here; I am there; I am all over the place. I never stop moving, and I'm constantly working – whether it's to pay the bills, support the dogs, or support the dogs. Yes... I did say that twice. Everything I do is for the dogs. Everything I make is for the dogs. They are my world, and I hope you'll enjoy becoming a small sliver of our world as we share our experiences to help you in your very own doggy world.